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Mini Challenger Tour

A fun and interactive introduction to tennis providing a combination of individual and team competition.

The Mini Challenger Tour

The Mini Challenger Tour is designed for children aged 6 -10 years old, and provides competitive opportunities for children of all levels of playing experience. The aim of the events is to introduce young children and fledgling tennis parents to competition in a fun, interactive and informative way, while also instilling values of teamwork and sportsmanship. The unique format offers both an individual and team component at each event, with all events underpinned by The Progress Tour China values.

Ages & Stages​

The Mini Challenger Tour is divided into three stages. Team Red events are aimed at players ages 6 to 8 years; Team Orange events for players aged 7 to 9 years; and Team Green events for players aged 9-10 years old. There are awards at each stage, with a values based, team emphasis. Different tennis balls, court sizes, and rackets are used at each of these stages, so players can develop the necessary skills at each stage, and transition through the ball colours and court sizes at their own pace, eventually progressing to playing on a full court with the standard yellow tennis balls. Full support and education is given at events to ensure all players and parents are informed and aware of the tennis journey.

Competition & Scoring

The Mini Challenger Tour offers integrated individual and team competition, which provides players with the opportunity to develop skills and confidence as individuals, but also to play as part of a team alongside their fellow players - a benefit that is so often missed for aspiring young tennis players, compared to other sports. The competitive format is designed so that opponents in phase I, become team mates in phase II, encouraging sportsmanship, camaraderie and constantly reinforcing a sound set of player values.

The scoring system is straight forward and easy for players and parents to follow. Players will compete in timed matches, where every point/game counts! Please click on the relevant colour ball to find out more on event formats.

Parental support & Education

Player and parent members benefit from a wealth of educational and advisory practical resources, to assist in their navigation of the tennis 'journey', and to ensure all players and parent are able to maximise all available opportunities. 

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